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Blonde woodchip A large mound of woodchip against a blue sky Flames coming from wood fuel

Choose renewable energy for your fuel source. We provide woodchip for biomass boilers!

Our woodchip is locally sourced, dried, stored and delivered throughout the Midlands

Before our locally sourced woodchip is distributed to our loyal customer base we mechanically reduce the moisture level to 30%, this is completed using forced ambient air.


Our woodchip is delivered by walking floor trailer quickly and efficiently as a one off order or an ongoing woodchip contract.

Biomass wood fuel contracts available

Need fuel for your biomass boiler on a regular basis, we can tailor an ongoing woodchip contract to suit your needs. Delivering woodchip regularly as and when you need it, our reliable team are always on hand to help.

Allowing the wood to season not only reduces its weight for easier transportation but allows it to burn more effectively and produce higher levels of fuel.

Seasoned woodchip